The Mentor is a great resource to use in your classroom. This book has been used in classrooms throughout the United States for more than 10 years. Students who are given the opportunity to read this book start reading more, exercising, helping others, and become increasingly interested in education. Here are some reviews from students and educators like yourself who have read the book:

“I love the book! Thanks for the inspiration. As a high school teacher, reading this story gives me motivation! I really like ‘the list’ at the end of each page too” ~Jill Frechette, Tyngsborough Public Schools

“This book inspired me to make better choices and to be a better role model, so I can set good examples. Throughout the book, my opinion changed a lot! At first I thought it was stupid, but when I read further into it, I started getting inspired and I felt good inside altogether. This was an awesome book! Rock ON!” ~Tiffany Williams – 10th grader – Yukon High School, Mrs. Sorrels & Mrs. Becca Sullivan Advisory class

“I thoroughly enjoyed your inspirational book which I read cover to cover without putting it down. I was also thrilled with the suggested reading list and delighted to find I had read several of them.”~Karen Russo, Pola Catholic High School

We understand the financial difficulties schools are facing right now. So, as an educator, you will receive 50% off your order when you purchase The Mentor for your students. If you already have books, please check out our Mentor: Teaching Resources. There you will find comprehensive lesson plans and worksheets along with additional resources to use in your classroom.