Our Mission

Mentor Hope is on a mission to help spread a message of Hope – that we can all live more fulfilled, meaningful, and successful lives – regardless of past or present circumstances. The best way to make that happen is to find a mentor – someone who has what you want – and to ask them to help you get there. Our centerpiece book, Mentor: The Kid & The CEO, written by our founder Tom Pace, is based on an inspiring true story about a person who followed this simple process and it completely changed his life…..

Tony has no direction in life and no hope for his future – until he meets Malcolm, a businessman who has faced many of the same challenges. Malcolm is willing to share his knowledge and experience with Tony, and the personal growth that both achieve as a result is amazing. 

This is a simple story about an unlikely pair of friends who learned the meaning of trust to overcome the odds and turn their failures into dreams. This is the ultimate story of hope.

Nate’s testimony, given here in an interview with author Tom Pace, provides a real-life example of the power in mentorship. Nate first read our book, Mentor: The Kid & The CEO, in 2017 and his life today is unrecognizable!  He went from living out of a backpack on the streets to a life of helping others in less than 2 years. Nate credits his transformation to a solid foundation based on reading and mentorship. 

Mentor Hope is a part of the World Book Bank (worldbookbank.org), a nonprofit organization founded by Tom Pace. World Book Bank donates personal development and spiritual growth books to people in need. All of the proceeds from the sale of our books, related materials, and speaking engagements go towards getting life-changing books into the hands of people searching for a better way to live.