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Support Mail

Every day we receive mail from all over the country about our book and I thought I would start sharing some of the things we get with you!

Today’s letter comes from Sonny H. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Dear sir or ma’am,

I was deeply moved by “Mentor: The Kid & The CEO”. I have read it three times so far. I feel personally connected to the book and I recommend it to all I come in contact with in the jail I am in. I am patiently awaiting my day in court. It’s been 3 years , come march 3rd 2014, that I have been waiting. During this dark period of my life Tom Pace’s book has been the light of my life! It has been both a comfort and a joy to me. I am writing now to personally thank Mr. Pace for the book and all the services he provides to the jails and prisons.


I felt the same way about the book when I first picked it up. This is just one of thousands that we have collected! Please let us know how the book has effected you with a comment below. If you haven’t already bought a copy for yourself, do so at

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