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We received an email a couple days ago from a a school that uses our book. The teacher of the class was so impacted by the students responses to the book that she sent us one of her students response letters. Here is the letter from Hannah H.


Dear Mr. Pace,
Since I was younger, I have loved the idea of fitness and helping other people achieve maximum happiness. This love and passion soon lead to my future career idea that is still what I have my sights set on today. I hope to one day be the owner of my own fitness gym where I serve as a personal trainer, nutritionist, and pitching coach. Although The Mentor, the Kid, and the CEO was assigned to me by my teacher, I really wanted to read it to help me learn more about achieving my goals and owning my own business. Also, another reason that really made me want to read it was the description on the back cover that stated this book was good for readers with short attention spans. While I do make good grades in school, I often have trouble focusing on the task at hand when I am trying to study or read. The way that the events in your book happened quickly and sufficiently made it a very interesting book that I could not put down.

It was definitely a challenge narrowing down my favorite parts of your book. I would say my favorite thing overall in The Mentor, the Kid, and the CEO is the fact that the main character, Tony, achieved everything he did, which is more than most, after being convicted of a crime. By seeing and listening to Malcolm every Monday, he put his whole heart into turning his life around. The fact that he did this really made me root for him throughout the story. My other favorite part of the book was how Malcolm pushed Tony and Jeff to their physical limits. The amount of running he pushed them to do in the mornings and things like 5ks and marathons every now and then really tested both their physical and mental strength. The actual amazing part about it is the tremendous effects  it had on Tony and Jeff. It not only made the two stronger, but really helped them start the practice of routine and organization into their lives.

The Mentor, the Kid, and the CEO truly taught me so many things about life. In my opinion, it is definitely labeled as a fictional story that also serves as an informative read. One big thing that it taught me was like Tony and Jeff learned, the life practice of routine and organization. Your book truly showed me that these two things play huge roles in keeping your life on track. If you make plans to do something everyday and stick to it, it will eventually become a habit or muscle memory. The mentor, Malcolm, also taught me that if you set smaller goals within your main ones there is a larger percent you will end up achieving the big one that you were hoping for all alone. Your book taught me to be smart with my money, actions, and the way I present myself to the people around me and the rest of the world. It taught me to listen to the experienced veterans, or the mentors, to take their guidance, put it to good use, and most of all, make something of myself in the world. Listening and taking advice from the book character, Malcolm, is what I believe is my personal connection to Tony. We both realize the blessing of having the true wisdom and guidance of our mentors. Now I hope that I take the guidance, study it, and run with it. Just like Tony.

The Mentor, the Kid, and the CEO is a book that will truly affect me now and for the rest of my life. It was almost as if every time I turned the page I had become a slightly smarter human being. Not only did it teach me about different life lessons, but it just gave me a good, entertaining story that I could not stop thinking about for days after I finished. Your book truly inspired me to get after it and make the most of what I have, and to that, Mr. Pace, I say thank you.

Hannah H.

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