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This weeks letter comes from Decatur, IL. It is written by a woman named Deanna A.


Dear Tom Pace & Family,

I am sure of the blessings you all will or are receiving through the blessings you give. I received the books “Purpose Driven Life” and “Mentor: The Kid & The CEO” at a Freedom From Fear seminar. Thank you and your family for the books! I have been blessed with so many opportunities to build up my understanding and my relationship with God. All things that are healthy and make me happy are flourishing in my life. I have had the opportunity to really get to know myself and who I really am. It has been revealing, exciting, and relaxing. I can not express enough how thankful I am for you and your family and all the good people who, through loving fellowship, have helped me. Also, Thank you for all the work that you do and prayers for those in your life.

Love to all -Deanna A.

Thank you Deanna for sharing with us how our book has effected your life. It is stories like these that makes up the reason we do this day in and day out. It is so impacting to here from others, that what I do as a job is something that has helped there life, even saved it in some cases! If you have a story to share about our book “Mentor” you may mail us too¬†@ 5915 NW 23rd St. OKC, OK 73127

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