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This weeks letter is from a middle school Tom visited in the past. written by Yvonne C. of Roosevelt Middle School. Oklahoma City, OK.


Dear Mr. Pace,

Thank you for coming to our school to talk to us about your book “Mentor: The Kid & The CEO”. Your book really inspired me a lot and it makes me want to stay out of trouble. Your book makes me want to follow in your foot steps and take your advice. One thing that inspired me a lot was when you mowed the old lady’s yard for free. Another thing that I really liked about your book was when you helped Malcolm with his problems. I think it was really cool how you came to talk to us, thank you.

It is so great to get feed back from the youth that reads our book. If the message we produce is interpreted at a young age, it can really change the out come of an entire life! Please let us know how the book has effected you in the comments below. If you haven’t already bought our book, do so at


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