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My story on how I read”Mentor”

Hello everyone, it is so awesome to get the opportunity to start blogging again. My name is Josh Perry and I am the new Project Manager for our book “Mentor: The Kid & The CEO”. This means I’m in charge of completely revamping and revitalizing the energy this message has put out in the past. But, I can not do this alone, it requires a lot of help from all of you and everyone who supports what we have! If you haven’t already read our book I would strongly recommend grabbing a copy and taking a couple hours out of your day to read something that could change your life forever.

I personally used to despise reading, it was no hobby of mine. Even in high school I made lousy decisions and wouldn’t EVER read. When I left high school those bad decisions lingered and became habits. Eventually those habits led me to a jail cell. While in that jail cell I would call my mom and she would beg me to read this book called Mentor, of course I refused for a while. Eventually that refusal turned to acceptance and it led me to one man’s story. The story told me how he got into trouble and it described the actions he took to get out of it. When I finally got out I met a man named Tom and he very rapidly became my friend. After becoming friends and talking with him for some time I came to find out he had wrote and lived the story that would forever change my life and actually got me to read! Now, just a few months later, I am working for Tom and running a company myself. Pretty amazing what 160 pages and 2 hours of time can do to a persons life. I am not alone either, I know plenty of people with stories just like mine.

I would love to hear other inspirational stories from people that see this post, so please share if you would like and maybe you will truly inspire some one today. I just want to thank everyone that supports what we do and refer our book to a friend or family. I hope everyone is having an amazing week and if not, what could you do to make it amazing?


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