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Mentoring Works

This week has been so amazing and impacting! I’ve begun mentoring another person in my life. Through my job of publishing our book I get the opportunity to help all kinds of people across the US. Being able to see growth in the seed I plant when I offer a helping hand to others is an indescribable feeling. Just like the feeling the man feels in this video I stumbled upon showing how mentoring can work It is in a different language with subtitles, but this is a perfect example of how this mentoring thing works.

I hope everyone finds the video as uplifting as I do. I wish all of you a terrific weekend and challenge you to think about who you could be mentoring in your life. And remember, it’s not about what you can get out of a relationship but what you can put in. THE MORE YOU GIVE, THE MORE YOU LIVE.

3 Responses to “Mentoring Works”

  • Arthur says:

    I have given this particular subject a great deal of thought and reflection over the years, based on the circumstance I mentioned above. I’m sure the parents of LJ meant no harm and believed they were dressing their daughter modestly, and her age an important component. Yet her outfit had the net result of becoming immodest under the circumstance. If we consider a continuum from bikini to burkini, hers tended toward the latter end of the that spectrum. I can’t argue with the results of the Princeton study, but I remain skeptical at the size and makeup of the sample group and 4000the lack of more extensive data. The link above to the study is broken, so I am basing my opinion on what I was able to learn from other news sources. Additionally, I have been privileged to have seen many parts of the world, and have seen varying concepts of modesty. (Not as a matter of wealth but for other reasons)The point I am arguing is that modesty has to be relative to the particular cultural circumstance. You are stating that the bikini is by definition, immodest, that it can under no circumstance be modest, similarly for the Finnish sauna, though I’d imagine the Finns would vehemently disagree. Effectively you are arguing that for a woman, anything more than exposed leg, exposed arm, and exposed hair are by definition, immodest. Yet a significant part of the world would disagree, and demand that legs, arms, and hair be covered. Furthermore, how much exposed arm, leg, belly? If it were that simple the Scriptures would contain a calculator for entering height and weight and determining an area measurement of proper covering. They do not. St. Paul gave guidance on what not to wear, in the context of the times, and for a very good reason IMO related to piety. The gold and braids in similar context the Rolex and the Porsche, or heavy makeup. However, that also does not make any of them inherently sinful. Both the Rolex and Porsche are very well built machines, if not flaunting or envying economic status, there is no harm in recognizing and appreciating that craftsmanship. Heavy makeup for both sexes is obviously necessary and therefore appropriate if performing under lights. Provocative need not necessarily be revealing. If that were the case, prostitutes would wear less. That is often not the case. The choice of wear is not necessarily revealing, but conveying nonetheless a very specific message. I would also disagree that Scriptures state that seeing someone naked is *inherently* a bad thing. If limited to opposite sexes, a male e.g. could never assist in child birth, nor either sex with imaging, physical therapy, massage therapy, etc., a member of the opposite sex. Here again, it depends on the context. You state an absolute, where is the exception for medicine? What qualifies as medicine? A physician in Europe might order spa treatment. As another example, it is acceptable in N. America and Europe for members of the same sex to change and shower together. Contrast to the middle East again, and a locker room where even changing into workout clothes was done in private.St Peter was naked while fishing. (There are varying interpretations on what that exactly meant in terms of dress: naked or in some sort of underwear ) but whatever the garment it was appropriate for fishing. For him, though, I would surmise he felt, it was not appropriate to greet his Master. Similarly if I were working in the yard on a hot day and removed my shirt, my society would deem that OK, but would require I put that shirt back on to greet an unexpected guest. For Adam and Eve, they were alone as husband and wife when thrown out of Paradise. There was no one else to see them naked, so by itself, their nakedness could not have been inherently wrong. I think there are many many lessons to take from that, but one, that humans would have to hunt for food, and need shelter from the harshness of the world. That I think is emphasized by Him clothing them in animal skins, which required a killing, when something other than animal skin would have likely done just as well. They were entering a world with violence and hardship. Violence with a purpose (hunting by man and animal) but violence nonetheless. Again, there is much much more to be learned from even those two snippets, but enough for purposes of this discussion.Now, maybe I am idealistic or unrealistic, and that in N. American society, cultural norms would view the bikini as immodest, and that the majority of beach goers are therefore either immodest or witting/unwitting voyeurs of immodesty. Similarly, nudity is not acceptable in a coed sauna in N. America, nor even in many single sex saunas. In that case the question should not be should Christian women wear bikinis but should either sex visit a N. American or European beach. I would disagree with that conclusion but on those terms I would accept that a bikini is immodest in N. America, just as I would contend that board shorts and a t-shirt are immodest in Saudi Arabia, even for Christian women, not because of an absolute, but because of a moral standard guided by the culture. To say Saudi Arabia is not a Christian society misses the point. Under the local circumstance, swimwear for either sex that is acceptable in N. America becomes immodest.Kelsey’s comments above are also particularly pertinent. An objectively modest’ swimsuit, might be immodest’ for a particular body type. IMO each person should reflect upon what motivates a choice of dress, with consideration to the setting.

  • hi babe, glad to see ur blogging again, havent seen u on any show of late, when u on this week ? if i see u on i’m sure i will be calling to hear that sexy voice and love to watch ur sexy body (day or night)speak soon

  • Helt underbar bild…. älskar den och kan verkligen förstÃ¥ att du gillar att gÃ¥ där. Jag hade kunnat gÃ¥ där i timmar!!!Vi har med ett plommonträd. Och de som äter mest av dem är hundarna Men det lägsta grenarna har det dragit bort de smÃ¥ busbarnen…Kanske man borde plantera nÃ¥got mer träd. Bara det att det är en sÃ¥n bra öppen tomt nu för hundträning. Men kanske kan ta nÃ¥got pÃ¥ framsidan

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