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Support Mail

We received an email a couple days ago from a a school that uses our book. The teacher of the class was so impacted by the students responses to the book that she sent us one of her students response letters. Here is the letter from Hannah H.


Dear Mr. Pace,
Since I was younger, I have loved the idea of fitness and helping other people achieve maximum happiness. This love and passion soon lead to my future career idea that is still what I have my sights set on today. I hope to one day be the owner of my own fitness gym where I serve as a personal trainer, nutritionist, and pitching coach. Although The Mentor, the Kid, and the CEO was assigned to me by my teacher, I really wanted to read it to help me learn more about achieving my goals and owning my own business. Also, another reason that really made me want to read it was the description on the back cover that stated this book was good for readers with short attention spans. While I do make good grades in school, I often have trouble focusing on the task at hand when I am trying to study or read. The way that the events in your book happened quickly and sufficiently made it a very interesting book that I could not put down.

It was definitely a challenge narrowing down my favorite parts of your book. I would say my favorite thing overall in The Mentor, the Kid, and the CEO is the fact that the main character, Tony, achieved everything he did, which is more than most, after being convicted of a crime. By seeing and listening to Malcolm every Monday, he put his whole heart into turning his life around. The fact that he did this really made me root for him throughout the story. My other favorite part of the book was how Malcolm pushed Tony and Jeff to their physical limits. The amount of running he pushed them to do in the mornings and things like 5ks and marathons every now and then really tested both their physical and mental strength. The actual amazing part about it is the tremendous effects  it had on Tony and Jeff. It not only made the two stronger, but really helped them start the practice of routine and organization into their lives.

The Mentor, the Kid, and the CEO truly taught me so many things about life. In my opinion, it is definitely labeled as a fictional story that also serves as an informative read. One big thing that it taught me was like Tony and Jeff learned, the life practice of routine and organization. Your book truly showed me that these two things play huge roles in keeping your life on track. If you make plans to do something everyday and stick to it, it will eventually become a habit or muscle memory. The mentor, Malcolm, also taught me that if you set smaller goals within your main ones there is a larger percent you will end up achieving the big one that you were hoping for all alone. Your book taught me to be smart with my money, actions, and the way I present myself to the people around me and the rest of the world. It taught me to listen to the experienced veterans, or the mentors, to take their guidance, put it to good use, and most of all, make something of myself in the world. Listening and taking advice from the book character, Malcolm, is what I believe is my personal connection to Tony. We both realize the blessing of having the true wisdom and guidance of our mentors. Now I hope that I take the guidance, study it, and run with it. Just like Tony.

The Mentor, the Kid, and the CEO is a book that will truly affect me now and for the rest of my life. It was almost as if every time I turned the page I had become a slightly smarter human being. Not only did it teach me about different life lessons, but it just gave me a good, entertaining story that I could not stop thinking about for days after I finished. Your book truly inspired me to get after it and make the most of what I have, and to that, Mr. Pace, I say thank you.

Hannah H.

Support Mail

This weeks letter comes from Decatur, IL. It is written by a woman named Deanna A.


Dear Tom Pace & Family,

I am sure of the blessings you all will or are receiving through the blessings you give. I received the books “Purpose Driven Life” and “Mentor: The Kid & The CEO” at a Freedom From Fear seminar. Thank you and your family for the books! I have been blessed with so many opportunities to build up my understanding and my relationship with God. All things that are healthy and make me happy are flourishing in my life. I have had the opportunity to really get to know myself and who I really am. It has been revealing, exciting, and relaxing. I can not express enough how thankful I am for you and your family and all the good people who, through loving fellowship, have helped me. Also, Thank you for all the work that you do and prayers for those in your life.

Love to all -Deanna A.

Thank you Deanna for sharing with us how our book has effected your life. It is stories like these that makes up the reason we do this day in and day out. It is so impacting to here from others, that what I do as a job is something that has helped there life, even saved it in some cases! If you have a story to share about our book “Mentor” you may mail us too @ 5915 NW 23rd St. OKC, OK 73127


The past month has been incredible for MentorHope as well as myself. For Halloween a co-worker and I spent the weekend in Canton, TX. We had purchased a couple booths at First Monday Trade Show to promote the book. It ended up raining quite a bit so it did damper the volume of people but still ended up as a great experience. We had the opportunity to meet some great people and possibly effect the various programs they work for with our book.

Since we have been back I’ve made a few sales myself as well as built some great relationships in a couple job corps around the country. I’m looking forward to doing some more events locally. Then eventually growing to further and bigger events to get our message read by more eyes.

I wish everyone a blessed month and a terrific thanksgiving! If you ever have questions or just feel stuck in any situation in your life I want everyone to feel completely free to get a hold of me for advice or to talk with me through my email 

Support Mail

This weeks letter is from a middle school Tom visited in the past. written by Yvonne C. of Roosevelt Middle School. Oklahoma City, OK.


Dear Mr. Pace,

Thank you for coming to our school to talk to us about your book “Mentor: The Kid & The CEO”. Your book really inspired me a lot and it makes me want to stay out of trouble. Your book makes me want to follow in your foot steps and take your advice. One thing that inspired me a lot was when you mowed the old lady’s yard for free. Another thing that I really liked about your book was when you helped Malcolm with his problems. I think it was really cool how you came to talk to us, thank you.

It is so great to get feed back from the youth that reads our book. If the message we produce is interpreted at a young age, it can really change the out come of an entire life! Please let us know how the book has effected you in the comments below. If you haven’t already bought our book, do so at


Mentoring Works

This week has been so amazing and impacting! I’ve begun mentoring another person in my life. Through my job of publishing our book I get the opportunity to help all kinds of people across the US. Being able to see growth in the seed I plant when I offer a helping hand to others is an indescribable feeling. Just like the feeling the man feels in this video I stumbled upon showing how mentoring can work It is in a different language with subtitles, but this is a perfect example of how this mentoring thing works.

I hope everyone finds the video as uplifting as I do. I wish all of you a terrific weekend and challenge you to think about who you could be mentoring in your life. And remember, it’s not about what you can get out of a relationship but what you can put in. THE MORE YOU GIVE, THE MORE YOU LIVE.

Support Mail

Every day we receive mail from all over the country about our book and I thought I would start sharing some of the things we get with you!

Today’s letter comes from Sonny H. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Dear sir or ma’am,

I was deeply moved by “Mentor: The Kid & The CEO”. I have read it three times so far. I feel personally connected to the book and I recommend it to all I come in contact with in the jail I am in. I am patiently awaiting my day in court. It’s been 3 years , come march 3rd 2014, that I have been waiting. During this dark period of my life Tom Pace’s book has been the light of my life! It has been both a comfort and a joy to me. I am writing now to personally thank Mr. Pace for the book and all the services he provides to the jails and prisons.


I felt the same way about the book when I first picked it up. This is just one of thousands that we have collected! Please let us know how the book has effected you with a comment below. If you haven’t already bought a copy for yourself, do so at

My story on how I read”Mentor”

Hello everyone, it is so awesome to get the opportunity to start blogging again. My name is Josh Perry and I am the new Project Manager for our book “Mentor: The Kid & The CEO”. This means I’m in charge of completely revamping and revitalizing the energy this message has put out in the past. But, I can not do this alone, it requires a lot of help from all of you and everyone who supports what we have! If you haven’t already read our book I would strongly recommend grabbing a copy and taking a couple hours out of your day to read something that could change your life forever.

I personally used to despise reading, it was no hobby of mine. Even in high school I made lousy decisions and wouldn’t EVER read. When I left high school those bad decisions lingered and became habits. Eventually those habits led me to a jail cell. While in that jail cell I would call my mom and she would beg me to read this book called Mentor, of course I refused for a while. Eventually that refusal turned to acceptance and it led me to one man’s story. The story told me how he got into trouble and it described the actions he took to get out of it. When I finally got out I met a man named Tom and he very rapidly became my friend. After becoming friends and talking with him for some time I came to find out he had wrote and lived the story that would forever change my life and actually got me to read! Now, just a few months later, I am working for Tom and running a company myself. Pretty amazing what 160 pages and 2 hours of time can do to a persons life. I am not alone either, I know plenty of people with stories just like mine.

I would love to hear other inspirational stories from people that see this post, so please share if you would like and maybe you will truly inspire some one today. I just want to thank everyone that supports what we do and refer our book to a friend or family. I hope everyone is having an amazing week and if not, what could you do to make it amazing?


Just in time for the Holidays!!!





Edmond, OK, November 18, 2009 – In 1987, Tom Pace had $62.53 to his name and solid reputation as a failure.  He was 30 years old and had a string of 30 jobs that he hadn’t been able to hold along with failed attempts at college.  He had entered adulthood with the ability to read at a fourth-grade level.  Today, he is the author of the book Mentor:  The Kid & The CEO.


Written like an inspirational novel, the book is loosely based on Pace’s own life with characters that are composites of himself and others he has known.  “I’ve fictionalized my autobiography.  I wanted to write a book that would be entertaining but would also educate, “ Pace said.


Mentoring goes both ways for Pace.  Not only does he have mentors but he serves as a mentor as well. Like Malcolm in the book, Pace conducts meetings and passes out books every Monday evening at the Oklahoma County Jail. “I believe anyone can reach the top no matter where they are in life,” he said.


While Pace currently mentors several individuals from CEO’s to 15-year-olds, he also has a book-giving mission.  Reading is important to Pace because the knowledge he has acquired from books has helped him to have a significant life. “I have a mild case of dyslexia and I have Attention Deficit Disorder,” he said.  “I didn’t focus, so I didn’t read.”  Eventually, he read a book that opened his mind to the benefits of reading, and he has now read more than 500 books.  “When we read, we realize we’re not alone;” he said.


Pace released a companion workbook to Mentor: The Kid & The CEO in September of 2009.  The workbook compliments the book by helping readers to put the principles of the book into practice including a dream list, exercise program and budget.  “I want people to see the value of having a mentor in their life and I want people to see the value of mentoring,” Pace said.  “We need to help others and not expect anything back,” he said.





Author and business owner Tom Pace read at the 4th grade level at age 26.  Today he is an avid reader and CEO of PaceButler Corporation, a multi-million dollar, international company.

Tom Pace Featured in the Purpose Driven Connection Magazine

Tom Pace, CEO of PaceButler Corporation, will be featured in the fall issue of the Purpose Driven Connection Magazine. This magazine is headed up by Rick Warren and

The article is entitled: The Great Giveaway – Tom Pace brings the principles of The Purpose Driven Life to prisoners across the nation by Michael Haederle. The article spotlights Tom’s passion to help others through his book ministry. You can pick up a copy of the magazine at any location where magazines are sold.

Tom Pace is the author of the award-winning book Mentor: The Kid & The CEO. He is also the CEO of the PaceButler Corporation and ELC Roundtable. PaceButler buys used cell phones and old and unwanted gold and jewelry. The company pays up to $75 per cell phone and up to $450 per ounce of gold. To learn more, visit: and ELC Roundtable is a peer-to-peer group of Entrepreneurs, Leaders and CEO’s that come together once a week to help each other in business and in life.

Lesson #1…

Lesson #1 is you must take responsibility for your own actions. If you cannot accept responsibility then you’ll never have the opportunity to accept success because it will never be delivered to you.

Too many people today blame every one and everything else for their place in life. They blame the government, their parents, the school system, gas prices…whatever they can find to blame other than themselves. One of my favorite quotes on this topic comes from the famous actor Brad Pitt. Brad says, “I’m not worried that it’s not going to happen. I’ll make it happen. You make the things you want in this life.” Brad understands that to be successful in life you must take full responsibility for your actions and the consequences of these actions.

If you cannot accept lesson #1 and take full responsibility for your past, present and future, then you will never achieve the amount of success you truly want and desire to have

Thought To Ponder: What areas in your life do you need to take responsibility for?

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